Actor George Takei is staging a play in California about his painful experiences in a U.S. internment camp.
The Star Trek veteran was just five years old when he and his Japanese relatives were forced out of their Los Angeles residence during World War II in 1942 and ordered to set up home in a series of different relocation camps.
He tells the Associated Press, "My mother remembers it as the most degrading experience that she had in her life up to that point. There were more to follow but she says that was a really terrible feeling."
Takei's composer pal Jay Kuo was so moved by the 75 year old's experiences, he has now penned Allegiance - A New American Musical, which revolves around the actor's family history in the centres.
He adds, "I wanted to turn my childhood experience in the internment camps that we were in into a script. Jay said a musical is much more moving and you'll reach many more people with a musical."
Tony Award winner Lea Salonga will also star in the production, which will debut at The Old Globe in San Diego on 19 September (12).