George Takei has been fighting skin cancer.

The 77-year-old actor - best known for his role as Hikaru Sulu in sci-fi series 'Star Trek' - has revealed he had a cancer removed from his cheek last week after his doctor detected early signs of the disease.

According to The Sun newspaper, George said: ''I went to my doctor for my physical last week and he detected an early skin cancer here. He cut it out and that's why I'm wearing this.''

The star revealed the news at the Voices on Point charity gala last night (14.09.14), where he wore a bandage on his cheek.

He also joked the reason he was sporting the dressing had nothing to do with his husband Brad Altman.

George - who has been married to Brad since 2008 - quipped: ''Let me assure you, my husband did not knock me out.''

George and Brad also celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary on Sunday after tying the knot at the Democracy Forum of the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles.

The pair were believed to be the first same-sex couple to apply for a marriage licence in West Hollywood.

Last month, George admitted that while he and Brad - who he has been with for 27 years - sometimes argue, they always make sure they kiss each other before they go to sleep.

He said: ''We have a pact that we've made. When you're together, you're gonna have differences, you're gonna have quibbles, sometimes arguments.

''But no matter what, every night before we go to bed, we kiss each other. Sometimes it's difficult. Sometimes it's just a perfunctory.''