HAPPY FEET director George Miller was a relieved man after hearing the song Prince composed for the animated film, because he was scared it wouldn't compare to his earlier work. Miller originally wanted to use Prince's 1986 funk classic Kiss in the film and change the lyrics to make it a love duet between penguins voiced by Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. Prince refused to allow his lyrics to be altered, so two representatives from the film company flew to his home in Minnesota to screen the movie to try and convince him. Miller explains, "As the movie was ending, he ran up on the stage, picked up his guitar and started looking for chords. Then he said, 'Give me two weeks. I'm going to write you a song!' The Purple Rain hitmaker came up with THE SONG OF THE HEART which plays over the closing credits and is the first single being released from the soundtrack. Miller says, "I was really scared. Because if someone's taking the trouble to write you a song, how are you going to tell him that you don't like it?" The director insists he is thrilled with the finished product adding, "I heard the song over 200 times, because we had to animate that final dance sequence that plays over the credits and I never got sick of the song. When I told Prince my initial fears, he laughed. But I don't think he would have been laughing if I had told him I didn't like the song!"