Pop superstar George Michael has been warned by a former singing partner that his alleged addiction to cannabis could kill him. TOBY BOURKE, who recorded with Michael in the 1990s on tracks including WALTZ AWAY DREAMING, is convinced cannabis has destroyed the former Wham! star's career - and could have a similar effect on his personal life. Bourke says, "The drugs have turned him into a stoned waster. When you smoke as many spliffs as he has done you simply cease to function. "Cannabis has destroyed his career and I'm really worried it could now endanger his life. (Dope) has made him depressed. Dope is his poison." Michael was interrogated by police yesterday (18APR06) after allegedly colliding with three parked cars in north London over the weekend (16APR06), before hastily driving away. He received a police caution last month (MAR06) after he was arrested for possession of cannabis in London in February (06).