Pop legend George Michael was devastated when SIR Elton John claimed personal issues were killing his career, because he had only recently recovered from depression.

The FAITH hitmaker has battled the illness since the death of his mother LESLEY in 1997, but acknowledges his estranged pal knew nothing of his fragile mental state before speaking out.

He says, "We still haven't really talked about it but we are friends again. He relied on some gossip he had heard about me. But it was extremely inaccurate. He'd heard that I was desperately unhappy. But it was so far from the truth.

"When you have spent years suffering from depression, like I have, then fought your way out of it, it's awful for someone to say you're in a bad way.

"I fought depression for years because I reacted to my mother's death so badly.

"Elton hadn't seen me for two years and I was angry that my fans all thought there was something wrong with me when there wasn't.

"But all is forgiven now."