George Michael believes the undercover cop who he exposed himself to in a Los Angeles public toilet fancied him and was being responsive to his advances - just before his arrest six years ago.

The FAITH singer, 40, who was arrested in April 1998 for lewd behaviour, says he only pleasured himself in a Beverly Hills men's cubicle because the cop looked like he was doing the same.

Michael says, "Unless he was doing something very unusual with his thumb, there was a man there who was interested in my attention.

"Staring is kind of code - and as far as I was concerned he was doing what I would call entrapment."

The British star - real name YORGOS KYRIATOU PANAYIOUTOU - considers his actions on the day of his arrest as a subconscious attempt to be caught and finally publically admit his sexuality.

He explains, "When I look back on it I was just bursting to come out.

"There was something about the fact that I did it opposite the Beverly Hills hotel which would suggest I was doing it in a showbiz manner."

28/05/2004 14:02