LATEST: George Michael is not ashamed of being spotted prowling a notorious homosexual pick-up spot in London last week (ends 23JUL06), insisting he's still a role model for young gays. The OUTSIDE singer was exposed by a British newspaper on Sunday (23JUL06) cavorting in the shadows on Hampstead Heath with 58-year-old NORMAN KIRTLAND, before he fled from reporters and photographers. But the former Wham! heart-throb refuses to apologise for his actions, stressing he's done nothing wrong by cruising. He says, "I should be able to be what I am to young gay people - which is a man who has managed to succeed in the industry for 25 years. "Sorry if people don't like the fact I cruise on Hampstead Heath but the police absolutely accept that it goes on at night. "It's the only place in London where that is the case so it's generally a safe place."