LATEST: Pop legend George Michael has slammed SIR Elton John's critical mauling of his latest album PATIENCE - reminding the ROCKET MAN that royalties from the disc are donated to the ELTON JOHN AIDS FOUNDATION.

Michael was so furious John dubbed the CD "disappointing", he's written a damning letter to British magazine HEAT, which criticises the star for failing to acknowledge how much money Patience has raised for victims of AIDS, which has touched the lives of both stars.

He writes, "Much as I am saddened that he would feel the need to criticise my album (which is, of course, in my humble opinion, a classic!!), I am far more surprised that Elton seems to have forgotten me calling him a few months back to tell him that my American royalties from Patience would be entirely donated to the Elton John Aids Foundation."

15/12/2004 13:18