Pop star George Michael credits his two drug arrests in 2006 with rescuing his music career.
The 45-year-old star was arrested in two separate instances in February and October 2006 for drug possession.
On both occasions he was found unconscious in his car in London.
Despite the embarrassment of the subsequent media attention, Michael admits the experience forced him to re-evaluate his life and throw all his energy into his music.
He says, "I did it (got arrested) twice in a year. I needed my licence taken away. When you know you've done something really stupid, then the punishment doesn't really feel inappropriate.
"It's a weird thing because I feel like I've really learned something from that. Because I did something that I've never done in my life which is take risks with other people.
"I was supposed to learn those things earlier than other people so that I could put it into work."
Michael is currently performing his first tour of North America in 17 years.