Pop star George Michael has branded SIT ELTON JOHN the cause of all his woes, after the ROCKET MAN hitmaker accused him of suffering "deep-rooted unhappiness" two years ago (04). The ex Wham! star insists he's been desperately trying to prove his former pal wrong ever since, but the pressure has become unbearable. He adds that John's jibes left him vulnerable to tabloid rumours, which he hasn't been able to shake off. On Sunday (16APR06) the singer allegedly crashed into three parked vehicles near his north London home, while he was arrested in February (06) for possession of cannabis when found slumped at the wheel of his car. In an interview with British chat show host Michael Parkinson, to be aired in the UK on Saturday (22APR06), Michael reveals, "My trajectory in this soap opera started when Elton made those comments. "He hadn't seen me for years and from that moment on I've suffered this kind of wishful thinking from the press. "I have to be honest. The subtext is, 'He was all right before he came out (eight years ago) and now he lives this depraved gay life and he's miserable and he's fat'. "It's a new angle because Elton said he thought I was really miserable for some reason and from that point on I've been trying to prove that I'm not."