LATEST: Pop star George Michael has been urged by leading British politicians to hire a chauffeur after he was caught asleep at the wheel of his car again on Thursday night (11MAY06). The WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO GO singer was woken when another motorist tapped on his window. He then careered onto a central reservation and straight into a bollard. The former Wham! heart-throb received a police caution in March (06) for possession of cannabis after he was found slumped at the wheel of his car in central London in February. This incident was followed by another car accident in April (06), in which he damaged three cars near his north London home before driving off. Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) ROBERT GOODWILL, a member of the Commons transport committee, says, "It is very worrying that a role model like George Michael is seen behaving so irresponsibly behind the wheel of a car. "After his recent string of unfortunate events, he shouldn't be behind the wheel at all. "With all his money, he should employ a chauffeur."