Tickets for George Michael's upcoming European tour, which involves the first concert at the new Wembley stadium, have gone on sale.

Most fans could buy tickets at 10:00 GMT on Thursday, although members of the singer's fan club have been able to buy them since Tuesday this week.

Michael, who is beginning his tour at Wembley on June 9th, will be the first act to take to the stage at the £757 million venue, before performing at Glasgow, Manchester, Norwich and Plymouth.

He will then embark on a tour of Europe, taking in France, Italy and several other countries.

Tickets for the gig in London are expected to sell quickly, although Michael is not the only act to capitalise on the eagerness of fans to see acts live.

Recent sell-out tours and gigs mostly consists of several classic acts, such as Take That, who sold out their national tour in three hours last week; Genesis, who have reformed and are seeing tickets re-sold on eBay for huge amounts; and even Bob Dylan has managed to sell out his London gigs with ease.

However, the same is not true for the less legendary acts, with GIRLS Aloud and the Sugababes still having half their tours unsold, while the X-FACTOR stars' gigs also still have tickets available.

08/03/2007 11:14:51