George Michael secretly told his friends that he'd never perform again prior to his death.

The Wham! singer was supposedly planning a comeback next year with a new album and documentary about his time in the pop band before he tragically died on Christmas Day (25.12.16), but those closest to him knew that was never going to be the case because he was plagued with worry that his vocals wouldn't be up to scratch anymore.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''George was such a perfectionist and had seriously high standards when it came to music. His vocal ability was legendary in music circles but given increasing health issues, he knew hitting those levels would be tough.

''George had to be 100 per cent fit and firing if he was to return to the studio and sadly that was so far off. His friends knew this day (the day he died) would be coming but perhaps not as early as it eventually arrived.''

The 'Careless Whisper' hitmaker was initially planning to shake the music world last month with his new album 'Listen Without Prejudice 25' but his comeback was delayed until March next year because he was busy putting the ''finishing touches'' on his tell-all film about his time in Wham! called 'Freedom' and he wanted the releases to coincide.

George tragically passed away from heart failure at the age of just 53 at his home in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, South East England, over the weekend.

It's believed George had been battling with an addiction to heroin for quite some time and had been rushed to hospital earlier this year for treatment following an overdose.

Despite his health, George had continued to make plans for the festive season and had arranged to see his boyfriend Fadi Fawaz - who found him dead in bed - over Christmas.

He'd also invited former Wham! vocalist Shirlie Holliman, her husband Martin Kemp and their son Roman - who is George's godson - round for dinner on Boxing Day (26.12.16).

Speaking before George passed away, Roman, 23, said: ''We're going to George's house on Boxing Day. To me, you do the Christmas rounds and you see all those people who are big influences on my life. I speak to him quite often. He speaks to my mum every week. He's just family to me, fame is not a big deal. I know it sounds strange but I've known him my whole life.''