George Michael is set to follow pal SIR Elton John's example by marrying his gay partner Kenny Goss in a pre-Christmas (05) ceremony.

John announced earlier this month (NOV05) that he planned to take full advantage of new British laws, which will legalise gay marriages from 21 December (05), and now former Wham! star is set to make the day a double celebration for homosexuals.

Like John and his partner David Furnish, Michael, 42, and Texan Goss will enter into a new civil partnership this Christmas, according to a spokesman for the couple.

Michael says, "I'm sure Kenny and I will be doing the old legal thing, but we won't be doing the whole veil and gown thing.

"I'm not very romantic about it to be honest. I think Kenny probably would be if I let him, but it's just not me."

Michael's main reason for marrying is to protect his financial assets and make sure Goss was benefactor to his estate after his death.

He explains, "We want to do it, just in case. You never know, I could get hit by a bus and the poor man could have nothing."