British singer George Michael has thanked British Prime Minister Tony Blair for justifying his 2002 song SHOOT THE DOG as a "word perfect protest song". The former Wham! singer attracted controversy when he first released the song, because its accompanying video mocked Blair and his US counterpart PRESIDENT George W Bush and their war on terror. In the song, Michael sang, "There's somethin' bout that Bush ain't right," and "See Tony dancing with Dubya". After a outcry in the US by Bush supporters and 9/11 families, Michael decided he would not release the song in America and went on US TV to deny the song was anti-Bush or anti-American. Four years later, Michael admits now the public's attitude to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has changed and many realise the song was not anti-American, the track is being embraced by peace campaigners. He says, "As the years go by, Mr Blair is making Shoot The Dog a word perfect protest song. For all the people who tried to laugh at the time and say I was naive... I am not naive."