British pop legend George Michael has accused Madonna of staging her famous onstage kiss with Britney Spears, to sell more copies of her album.

The LIKE A VIRGIN singer, 45, shocked fans when she smooched with Britney and Christina Aguilera at last August's (03) MTV Video Music Awards.

And George is convinced it was just a callous attempt to raise the profile of her AMERICAN LIFE LP.

The cynical star says, "I have great respect for Madonna but I was a bit horrified about that MTV thing.

"What was she doing snogging someone half her age with tits a foot higher than hers? You are Madonna, you don't need to do this stuff.

"It really smacked to me of 'Oh dear, my album isn't selling', so within six weeks of them working that out, you see her on stage with Missy Elliott and Christina Aguilera and Britney.

"I just thought she didn't need to do that. I don't actually think it's a bad album.

"It's ambitious lyrically for her and I quite like it as a producer."

19/03/2004 19:29