George Michael reportedly embarked on a secret trip to a Vienna hospital weeks before he died.

The late singer was found dead at his home on Christmas Day (25.12.16) aged 53, and now it has been claimed he, his boyfriend Fadi Fawaz and his father Kyriacos Panayiotou visited the same medical centre in the capital of Austria where he was treated for pneumonia in 2011.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the Wham! star had a consultation with the two doctors who saved his life at AKH General Hospital where he collapsed five years ago.

It's also reported that during their appointment, the health of George's partner's father was brought up as well as his own predicament.

The new information comes after Fadi insisted that police have not accused him of any wrongdoing in the star's death.

Police reportedly believe the singer may have died from a drugs overdose and they quizzed Fadi twice, as he was the person who discovered the star's body.

Fadi, 40, explained: ''The police have been amazing. They have been supportive. They have done what normally happens when someone dies. They have not been accusing me, never; they have been very supportive.

''We were very much in love, very much together. Why would I be there [at George's home in Goring-on-Thames] if we weren't together? I was there the last day of his life. I was there.''

George star's sudden death is still being treated as ''non-suspicious'' but a major crime unit from Thames Valley Police has been brought in to piece together the days leading up to his death.

It was initially thought George had died from heart failure but it's now believed the singer passed away from an overdose of illegal or prescription drugs.

George had a well-documented battle with drug abuse throughout his career and his cousin recently revealed that he was treated for crack cocaine addiction in 2015.

A post-mortem was carried out last week on George's body but it failed to identify the cause of death and now toxicology tests are underway to determine what ended his life.

One retired senior police officer explained: ''Given his history, there must be a possibility that drugs, illegal or otherwise, could have been involved in his death. Because of his high profile and wealth it makes absolute sense for the Major Crime Unit to investigate the full circumstances while they wait for the toxicology results to come back. It does not mean that he did die from drugs but until it is proved otherwise they cannot rule it out and must investigate properly.''

The exact details of George's funeral are yet to be announced but it's believed he will have two ceremonies - one for friends and family and one for fans - later this month.