George Michael's dog Abby has died.

The late 'Careless Whisper' hitmaker's last surviving pet, a golden Labrador who he bought with then-partner Kenny Goss, had been living with the late 80s pop icon's cousin Alex Georgiou but has sadly passed away.

Alex posted a touching tribute, in which he said the mutt will now be reunited with George and her canine sister Meggy, who lived with the singer until her death in 2015.

Alex announced on Facebook: ''Goodbye my sweet Abby thank you for every minute.

''It's time for you to go back to George and Meggy, they can't wait anymore and I can't blame them as you're so special, and all your friends around the world who came to visit you and sent you presents all the time are going to miss you.

''You are loved so much you are a blessing to us all, especially me.

''You will always be my sunshine and I promise one day I will come and find you but for now my sweetheart run and play with Meggy and George over Rainbow Bridge in to the meadows out in the sun they are waiting for you.

''Have fun my sweetheart. I'll see you again xxx. (sic)''

Fans of George - who tragically passed away in December 2016 aged 53 - used to travel from all over the world just to see Abby.

Alex later told Heart: ''People came from all over the world to see her and they would wait patiently until 4pm for her walk as to not disturb her.

''She loved people and she was so gentle.''

In September, it was reported that Abby was pining for the 'Last Christmas' singer.

The four-legged animal used to lay at her late owner's shrine, which is situated in a small green area opposite his Highgate home, where it is filled with candles, heartfelt letters and portraits of the star left by his fans.

The 11-year-old dog is said to have become ''soulless'' ever since its owner died.

Meggy's ashes are with the singer's at his grave in London's Highgate cemetery, and it's believed Abby will also be laid to rest with both of her family members.