George Michael has announced plans to go on a world tour next year (05) - 15 years after his last major road show.

The FAITH singer is considering going on the road to support his latest album PATIENCE, his first project of original material in eight years.

He says, "I may be touring next year and obviously if I tour I'll come to the States. I guess the extent of the tour will depend on whether the album did really well or not."

But while Michael has a bevy of fresh material to unveil to his fans, he's also keen to perform familiar songs for concert goers.

He explains, "I very rarely treat a tour as a promotional experience. I like to go out there and sing songs to people when they know them, rather than sell the album during the concert.

"You want people to be fully behind the concert. It's nice to play a few new tracks but I think when people go out and play their new album it tends to bore the audience a little bit."

15/06/2004 13:35