Pop legend George Michael refuses to make music for young people anymore - he's happy to leave that to the likes of Justin Timberlake and Eminem.

The singer, who this week (15MAR04) released his latest album PATIENCE, insists he has a big enough fan base without trying to appeal to a new market.

He says, "I do appear to be able to step back in when I want, do you know what I mean? And appeal to my generation. I'm not trying to write to keep young people involved or anything."

George also takes a cheeky swipe at other older artists who try to court younger listeners.

He adds, "Otherwise, I'd be trying to snog Justin Timberlake. Actually him and Eminem. That's right, ELTON (JOHN) already tried that. Oh, let's not go there."

19/03/2004 17:54