Pop star George Michael has blasted singer/DJ Boy George for acting "homophobic" towards fellow gay men.

The openly gay Michael has struggled to stay friends with the former CULTURE CLUB star, but eventually lost patience with Boy George's catty ways.

Michael says, "Boy George is great company and a man I have always wanted to like. I kept giving him chance after chance, but he's pushed it too far.

"He acts in a homophobic way to other gay men by being such a bitch. It's an aggression that he can't get rid off."

Earlier this year (05), Boy George said, "People saw me as the benchmark queer while George was passing himself off as a straight stud. In fact, he was loitering in public loos (toilets) like some pre-war homosexual. It's one thing to keep quiet. It's another to pretend you're someone you're not."