British pop star George Michael was baffled by his pal SIR Elton John's decision to duet with troubled rocker Pete Doherty at the London Live 8 gig earlier this year (05).

John invited self-confessed drug addict Doherty to perform T-Rex classic Children of the Revolution at the televised charity concert on 2 July, but Doherty's rambling singing was blasted by critics and fellow Live 8 performers.

Michael says, "I don't know Elton was hoping to achieve by doing a duet with Pete Doherty at Live 8.

"It was almost like it was Doherty's duty to be wasted and stumble about on stage.

"He's a very intelligent man. It's sad to watch his heroin addiction being glorified. He hasn't written a memorable pop song."

Despite his sympathy for Doherty's health problems, Michael hopes tabloid reports the rocker has split with Kate Moss are true, because the beauty needs to protect her daughter LILA GRACE from Doherty's drug use.

Michael says, "She didn't deserve all the flak she got (over her drug scandal) because she doesn't court publicity. But the press was doing her a favour in the end because she has a child and you can't hang around with heroin addicts and dealers when you are a mother."