Bosses at moviemaker George Lucas' LucasFilm Ltd. have been found guilty of wrongfully dismissing a pregnant employee.
A jury in Marin County, California has ruled June Gilman Veronese was a victim of discrimination in 2008.
The 39 year old claimed she lost her job for being pregnant and, on Wednesday (30Jun10), the jury agreed after three days of deliberation.
Veronese was awarded $113,830 (£75,890) in damages.
Lucasfilm attorney Janine Simerly tells the Marin Independent Journal newspaper the company plans to appeal the ruling.
The plaintiff is delighted with her court victory, but admits, "the litigation over the past year and a half was the most abusive process I've ever been through in my life."
Veronese's attorney and mother-and-law, San Francisco discrimination lawyer Angela Alioto, called the decision a major victory for women's rights: "People don't think pregnant women have the right to work, and this sends a huge message."