Hollywood director George Lucas is refusing to rush pre-production work on the fourth installment of his INDIANA JONES franchise - because he'll only set cameras rolling when the script is "really good".

The eagerly awaited return of the adventurous archaeologist - played by Harrison Ford in all three previous releases - has already been delayed after Lucas reportedly rejected The Shawshank Redemption film-maker Frank Darabont's script.

But the Star Wars legend insists a new writer is now on board to fine tune the plot.

And Lucas and director Steven Spielberg are in no hurry to start shooting the movie, because their perfectionist approach to movie-making means the fourth Jones will only hit cinema screens when it's deemed good enough to do the series justice.

He tells website EMPIREONLINE.CO.UK, "We are working on the next script. Another writer has started working on it. We're just not going to make it unless it's really good.

"One of the reasons I'm able to work with Steven so well is because every time we come to a disagreement we'll yield to the other one, which means we'll come up with a compromise that considers both sides, and one person isn't determined to have his way.

"It's what's best for the movie."

21/09/2004 09:10