A Scottish author is suing director George Lucas for $3.6 million (GBP2 million), claiming he is owed money from a book he wrote based on the 1981 INDIANA JONES film Raiders of the Lost Ark.

CAMPBELL BLACK says he was paid $35,000 (GBP19,229) for writing the best-selling book, but was never given a share of the novel's sales, as he was promised.

Black - who writes under the name CAMPBELL ARMSTRONG - will begin his legal fight with Lucas' LUCASFILM in a San Francisco, California court on Monday (27JUN05). He will also allege he was never told how many copies his book sold.

He says, "All of LucasFilm's secrecy and misinformation in this matter is truly shabby.

"I don't want George's money but I do want mine."

24/06/2005 14:01