Comedian George Lopez has revealed he has quit alcohol for good after his drunken arrest last month (27Feb14).

The 52 year old was taken into custody for public intoxication in Ontario, Canada after security officials at the Caesars Windsor resort found him passed out on the floor of their casino.

Lopez was released hours later after sobering up and no charges were filed, but the incident was a wake up call for the funnyman, who confessed to U.S. talk show host Ellen DeGeneres on her show on Thursday (13Mar14) that he will never be in a similar situation again.

He divulged, "Since then, I have not had a drop of alcohol. That was a nice going away party for that guy and I'm the new George sitting in front of you. Just because Mexicans invented tequila, doesn't mean we can handle it."

But Lopez insists he's not taking the boozy incident too seriously, quipping, "You know how they say, 'Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?' But whatever happens in Canada, everybody knows."

He added, "I was a bit intoxicated and the authorities are much politer in Canada. They go, 'Sir, wake up. Sir, you're under arrest... Sir, this behaviour cannot continue and if it does continue we would be honoured if you would be Mayor of Toronto'", referring to disgraced politician Rob Ford, who made headlines last year (13) after he was caught smoking crack cocaine.