LATEST: GEORGE LAZENBY's ex-wife has accused the Bond star of beating her while she was carrying their child.
Christina Master's accusations could strengthen Lazenby's current wife, Pam Shriver's case against him.
Tennis ace Shriver is divorcing the actor after six years, and accused her estranged husband of threatening to kill her, assaulting her in a drunken rage, and giving alcohol to their three children - all of which Lazenby has denied.
Master claims Lazenby punched her in the face when she was five months pregnant and broke her nose when their son, Zack, was dying from cancer.
She alleges he threatened to kill her when she told him she wanted a divorce, and says she was so fearful he meant it that it took years before she found the courage to leave him in 1994.
But Lazenby - who was divorced from Master in 1995 after 24 years together - says the declarations are 'contrived, unfounded and without merit'.
In a statement released by his spokesman Michael Sands, he adds, "I wish Christina would show me a medical report, x-rays and pictures that show I broke her nose. I never punched her in my life."
Daughter Melanie Lazenby has backed up her mother's claims, insisting her father 'tormented me, humiliated me, hurt me physically, scarred me emotionally' and 'placed a feeling of fear and mistrust in me'.
But Lazenby says his ex-wife and daughter are seeking revenge for the death of Zack, who died of cancer at 19.
He adds, "Melanie is always seeking revenge for that mistake."