George Harrison is returning to the charts eight years after his death - an up-and-coming musician has turned some of the BEATLE's unheard lyrics into a new track.
The material was written by Harrison in the late 1960s but never used and it ended up in the hands of Beatles biographer Hunter Davies.
Davies then passed the lyrics onto a radio presenter in the Fab Four's native Liverpool, England who handpicked Dean Johnson to bring the guitarist's words to life.
Johnson says of his song, titled Silence (Is its Own Reply), "I found it unbelievable, tremendously exciting and, above all, a complete honour. My brief was to follow George's sentiment through to its conclusion. The lyrics are of a personal nature and were first thought to be a song of unrequited love but, in hindsight, they seem to allude to George's uneasy relationship with John Lennon. This is substantiated by first-hand observations by Hunter Davies and by people close to Harrison."