George Harrison's son DHANI was determined to forge a career in his own right - after fearing he'd spend his life in the shadow of his famous father.
The 30-year-old hated the idea of following in his dad's musical footsteps only to be compared to the late rocker.
So he travelled to the U.S. and studied design at Ivy League university Brown.
Harrison has since returned to his musical roots, and now performs in band Thenewno2 - but he's glad he took the time to master another trade.
He tells Blender magazine, "I watched what happened to a lot of the other kids. Zak (Starkey, Ringo Starr's son), Sean (Lennon), Stella (MCCartney) have succeeded, but it's Stella who's the one who's not being compared to her father, because her father's not a fashion designer. Whereas Zak will always be compared to Ringo because he's a drummer. And Sean will be compared to John because he's a singer/songwriter. But my dad was never a designer."