George Harrison kept the iconic outfits from his days in the Beatles - and often liked to dress up in them for fun. The guitarist - who died in 2001 - had a wardrobe full of stage costumes from the Fab Four's heyday, which he revealed to pal Dave Edmunds in the late 1980s. Edmunds says, "I used to hang out with George in the Eighties, and I was often at his place to keep him company because he didn't get out much. "One time there was just us in the house. He started playing some Beatles songs then he said, 'Follow me.' We got up, went upstairs and came to a huge wardrobe, which he opened. There were a lot of Beatles suits in there - the Shea Stadium outfits, the silver suits with the black collars. "There were also three Sgt Pepper jackets which we took out and tried on. We spent the whole afternoon trying on Beatles clothes. I was amazed at how small they were - these suits were absolutely tiny."