LATEST: The doctor who allegedly forced George Harrison to sign his son's guitar shortly before his death in 2001 has offered to give the instrument to charity.

The former beatle's estate this week (6JAN04) began legal proceedings against New York-based cancer special DR GILBERT LEDERMAN, claiming he preyed on the ailing star.

Lederman has retaliated, offering to donate the guitar, which is valued at around $10,000 (GBP6,000), to a charity agreed by him and Harrison's widow Olivia and son DHANI - but lawyer's representing the guitarist's estate have dismissed the doctor's offer as "spin" and vowed to continued legal action against him.

Attorney PAUL LiCALSI, says, "It's a ludicrous attempt to put a positive spin on what Dr Lederman did.

"The Harrison family does not want this object that was obtained in such a cruel and abusive manner to be traded, sold and displayed in the future."

Lederman claims Harrison freely autographed the guitar for his son ARIEL - but the lawsuit against him alleges Harrison tried to resist Lederman's requests.

08/01/2004 14:04