Nine albums by the late George Harrison have been released for download on iTunes.

Releases including All Things Must Pass - the classic triple album Harrison released after the 1970 breakup of the Beatles - can now be purchased digitally.

Solo works by all four members of the Fab Four are now available for online download, with sixteen of John Lennon's individual records sold in the Apple iTunes store earlier this year.

Olivia, George Harrison's widow, told the BBC that the deal was "exciting".

She explained that the former Beatle "had begun the digital mastering of his albums but had no idea how the digital world would change the way we access and listen to music".

Today's announcement marks the end of a lengthy legal dispute between the Beatles' label Apple Corps and Apple Inc, the owner of the iTunes store.

The firms had been at war due to an alleged transgression from Apple Inc of an agreement that they would not sell music.

Olivia Harrison added she hoped the announcement would eventually lead to the entire Beatles catalogue being made available online, hopefully by 2008.

11/10/2007 11:35:56