Hippie icon DONOVAN was horrified to be the victim of a sensational police drugs bust in 1966, but was thrilled to have THE BEATLES star George Harrison on his side.

The late rocker realised the MELLOW YELLOW singer had been used as an example by police, and he readily offered financial and moral support when the shocking news broke.

Donovan recalls, "We were taken to Marylebone police station, booked, finger-printed and given a cup of tea. Then, at 4am, we were let out on to the city streets.

"The next morning the papers were full of it. At 9.30 am, the phone rang. It was George Harrison. He knew I had been victimised.

"'You can have GBP10,000 by noon, Don, if it helps,' he said.

"I felt better now that George had phoned, and replied: 'Thanks George, that's really so good of you to call. I'm OK with money.'"