George Harrison's ex-wife PATTI BOYD will always regret leaving her husband for rocker Eric Clapton - insisting it has taken "a lot of psychotherapy" for her to bury the past.
Boyd married the late Beatle in 1966 when she was just 21 but they split eight years later and the model went on to marry Harrison's close friend and collaborator, Clapton.
The 65 year old admits she has always wished she'd tried harder to make her marriage to Harrison work, as they were just too young to have walked down the aisle.
She says, "Eric kept coming over and declaring his love and passion for me. Because I was being ignored by my husband and being young, I found it irresistible. Maybe if we weren't so young, maybe we could have made it work."
And Boyd reveals she has undergone years of counselling to help lay her demons to rest: "With a lot of help from a psychotherapist I am thankful to be free."
Harrison died in 2001.