My One and Only, starring Renée Zellweger and Kevin Bacon, is reportedly based on actor George Hamilton's memories of his youth. In this film his name is George, and he's played by Logan Lerman. "But for all its light-hearted charm," writes Stephen Holden in the New York Times , this road film "is less an inquiry into the soul of America than an affectionate period piece set in economically leaner times, decades before communications technology revolutionized the concept of personal space." Claudia Puig in USA Today praises the performances of the cast and the "quick-witted dialogue" of screenwriter Charlie Peters and concludes that the film is "pleasantly diverting." Betsy Sharkey in the Los Angeles Times finds the movie something of a relief from the season's blockbusters. "Just when you think nothing will break the summer heat," she writes, "in blows a cool breeze." Joanne Kaufman in the Wall Street Journal suggests that she was pleasantly surprised by the movie. She then adds, "Maybe the subject matter -- a George Hamilton biopi -- all but guarantees low expectations and ensures an excess of enthusiasm for a job even moderately well-done." But Kyle Smith in the New York Post says that Zellweger's performance makes the film "a fabulous bore." And for him the question, as he phrases it, ""Would a random scattering of anecdotes from the early life of George Hamilton make a decent movie?" is clearly ... no.