Actor George Hamilton has sent out a TV tribute to ailing pal ELIZABETH TAYLOR, insisting life would be unbearable without her.

Taylor has revealed she's suffering from congestive heart failure along with a number of other ailments, and has checked into a hospital near her home in California.

But Hamilton insists the 72-year-old has a lot of living to do because she shines light on all those lucky enough to call her a friend.

He says, "She doesn't go out too much but she gets around. Everyone whose ever been a friend of her's has been irrevocably touched by her.

"I think you'll see her come out again soon. I think she just pulls back from time to time.

"She loves all the diamonds but, in truth, the real diamond is her. She gives to everyone else and that's why she shines."

02/12/2004 03:42