Actor George Hamilton has a luxurious way of travelling around the world - he hitchhikes on private jets.

THE GODFATHER star admits he could never afford to travel in such style if he had to pay, so he's thrilled he's been able to talk his way on to so many planes for free.

He says, "I got to the airport a lot and I remember seeing Donald Trump in Aspen, Colorado, schlepping luggage around for his then-wife IVANA. I was thinking, 'This guy shouldn't be doing this stuff'. And he was waiting for a plane - a commercial plane. I thought, 'That guy shouldn't be doing that'.

"So I walked around to the private airport, put my feet up on my bag and I took out a WALL STREET JOURNAL. And a guy says, 'What's up?' I said, 'I'm waiting for... my plane'. He said, 'Well, we're going to Paris, could we drop you somewhere?' I said, 'Maybe New York'. And they apologised for the catering!

"I am now able to hitchhike on private planes. And people are really nice. They say, 'My wife would like you to take the bed. You go back there and sleep.' And I've been able to fly all over the world now."

04/11/2004 09:17