George Ezra insists his single 'Don't Matter Now' was ''selfish''.

The 24-year-old singer wrote the track about his battle with anxiety, and though he thinks it's ''beautiful'' the song has got people talking about their own problems, he wrote it to address is own feelings, rather than to make others feel better.

Asked if he thinks it's important to write about the issues and get people talking, he said: ''Not very, that wasn't really my aim. It's beautiful that people are now talking about it but it was more for myself, not to sound too selfish. It was a nice opportunity for me to address things I was feeling.

''I hadn't anticipated that people would pick up and be interested but I feel its brilliant that they are.''

When he's performing, George loves nothing more than having his fans sing his lyrics back at him.

He said: ''It feels very good, I love it. It's a lovely feeling for everyone involved in the room.

''I was at a show in Shepherd's Bush and it felt brilliant, if you are sharing things with people it's a nice feeling.''

Though the 'Budapest' hitmaker feels very grateful that his career has allowed him the opportunity to travel the world, he does get pangs to return home to his own bed so he can spend more time with his loved ones.

Asked where he'd most like to go in the world, he said: ''My own bed at the moment, we have been so lucky to visit a lot of places. I would love to spend more time in South Africa. But mostly home because I don't get to see my friends enough.''