George Ezra doesn't want to learn how to drive.

The 25-year-old singer has admitted his family keep pushing him to take lessons but he's got no desire to obtain a licence because he doesn't think he'd be very good behind the wheel and he much prefers travelling from A to B on the train.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he said: ''Everyone in my family has been like, 'Learn to f***ing drive' and I just - I love trains.

''I don't feel like a good driver. I don't think I'd be a fun driver, I think I'd be very slow and very cautious. Everyone says I'll love it once I learn to drive. But I love sleeping in a car and you can't do that if you're driving so I hear.''

However, the 'Shotgun' hitmaker's decision to steer clear of the roads may have something to do with his anxiety as he has admitted he suffers with jittery nerves.

He explained previously: ''I'm extremely fortunate to tour and travel but when I came off tour, I struggled with not having any structure.

''I didn't understand properly what it was that was going on but I knew something wasn't right. I had anxiety and I need to be busy. It made me think and wonder how many people who I have contact with day to day are going through something that others are not aware of. You can be sad and still smile.''

And it's no wonder George has no issues getting public transport because he doesn't see himself as famous - even though he's a chart-topping artist.

He said: ''I don't really go there. When I'm back home with my friends, I don't talk about the people I've met or what I've been doing as it's not important.

''When I was growing up, the people I was into, I just cared about their music. I didn't wonder what they are having for breakfast.

''Playing the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury and saying 'hi' backstage to Adele might seem weird but that becomes the norm in this job.''