George Ezra and his brother Ten Tonnes discussed forming a ''dad rock band'' when they are in their forties.

The 'Shotgun' hitmaker's younger sibling has followed in his footsteps, having just released his self-titled debut solo album, and although he is adamant he wants to remain ''independent'' and doesn't want George's help launching his career, he revealed they did once talk about joining forces on a musical project when they are older.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, Ten Tonnes - whose real name is Ethan Barnett - laughed: ''Me and George always had a plan of forming a dad rock band when we are in our forties.

''It would be big, 12- string guitars and chilled-out vibes. I don't know if that will ever happen as it's nice to keep the two things separate.''

The 22-year-old indie rocker - who is just three years younger than pop star George - admitted they wouldn't work well in the same band, as they'd probably ''get on each other's nerves'' , although they are super ''close'' and supportive of one another.

He said: ''We are close and both love what we are doing and hearing each other's tunes.

''But if I'm honest, I think we'd just get on each other's nerves. It's a personal thing.''

The pair's father, teacher Paul, is also into his music and has his own garage band.

Asked if they would be like Oasis, The Osmonds or The Bee Gees if they were all in the same family band, Ethan replied: ''Definitely The Bee Gees, just because I like their music best.''

Ethan turned down his brother's advice from the start and insisted he will keep it that way.

He said: ''I've always been pretty independent and done my own thing. That's been the same since I started making music.

''When I first started, George said to me that he could help as much as I wanted and offer advice but I said, 'No I am sweet. I don't need to know anything.' It's been that way ever since.''