LATEST: George Clooney's plans to help end the ongoing Hollywood writers strike have been welcomed by union bosses, who are confident he'll resolve the stalemate between those on the picket lines and studio bosses. The strike began on 05 November (08) and has already led to the cancellation of the Golden Globe Awards and People's Choice Awards ceremonies in Hollywood, as well as a forced hiatus for many TV shows and films. Now, with the Oscars ceremony under threat, Clooney has revealed he and movie mogul Steven Spielberg have been speaking to see if there's anything they can do to speed up the end of the strike. And Writers Guild of America President Patric Verrone insists Clooney's involvement could be vital and his plans to potentially set up a mediation panel is a big boost. Verrone says, "I'm certainly a fan of his work. We have been negotiating with the independent companies without a mediator. "I think what's needed is the resolve and determination of the conglomerates to bargain seriously and fairly. "If Mr. Clooney can help us with that, we'd very much appreciate that."