Hollywood's biggest stars were out in force last night for the premiere of Oceans 13, the latest instalment in the Oceans franchise.

George Clooney was joined by fellow stars Brad Pitt along with his wife Angela Jolie, Andy Garcia, Matt Damon and Don Cheadle.

The actors signed autographs and posed for pictures on the red carpet before giving some rather tongue-in-cheek answers to questions, notably about the movie's credibility at a festival which is known for its thought-provoking cinema.

"This script, for instance, I think may go down in the history books as one of the great screenplays of all time," Clooney said.

"This film is basically a cry for peace."

The stars of Oceans have been defending the franchise since arriving at Cannes, with Pitt commenting that rather than the film being an obligatory blockbuster so he can concentrate on 'serious' movies, he believes there is a role for films which concentrate on entertainment.

Hollywood legend Al Pacino stars in the latest Oceans, although he was absent from the red carpet.

Oceans 13 captures the gang of conmen up to the usual suave tricks; robbing casinos and looking cool in nice suits.

Both of the previous films in the franchise have been huge box office successes, despite Oceans 12 receiving a frosty reception from critics.

25/05/2007 13:21:32