Friends of George Clooney's ex-girlfriend are still benefitting from model Sarah Larson's year-long romance - one is honeymooning at the movie star's Italian retreat on the banks of Lake Como.
The unnamed pal got the greenlight to use Clooney's Italian palace when the star was still dating the model - and the generous actor insisted on honouring the arrangement even after he split from Larson last month (May08).
Mutual friend Andrea Tiede tells Life + Style magazine, "A friend of ours who just got married is using George's house in Lake Como, Italy, right now for her honeymoon.
"Obviously, this was arranged when Sarah and George were still dating, but he (Clooney) cares about Sarah, so I wasn't surprised he honoured the offer of his house."
Tiede admits the wedding was tinged with sadness - because the bride and groom had hoped Clooney would be a guest. Instead Larson had to attend without a date.
Of her friend's break-up, Tiede says, "It's been hard... She (Larson) was swept up. They just had a few small fights and disagreements, and it all unravelled from there."