A sequel to the Kony 2012 video that went viral and drew worldwide attention earlier this year, has hit the web. The original movie told the story of Joseph Kony and his use of child soldiers for his Lord's Resistance Army, though the second film takes a more defensive stance and addresses some of the criticisms that the founders have been faced with since then.

The film opens with footage of the various news programmes that covered the original Kony film, particularly those who offered a negative or pessimistic slant. The charity behind the film, Invisible Children, were accused of overplaying the size and influence of Joseph Kony in central Africa, while others claimed the charity were seeking to benefit financially from the video, which was viewed millions of times. The charity's co-founder Jason Russell was recently detained by police after he was found running around the streets of San Diego in his underwear. Russell, who narrated the first movie, is absent from the second as he recovers from the episode. The founder had originally targeted 20 "culture-makers" whom he thought could help the campaign, include George Clooney, Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie and Ryan Seacrest.

Joseph Kony Part II includes further details of the dictator's Resistance Army and how it has terrorized other countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo.