Up to 40 hospital employees have been suspended without pay as officials at a New Jersey hospital investigate how George Clooney's personal information was leaked to the media following his motorcycle crash last month (Sep07). Staff, including doctors, at Palisades Medical Center are suspected of breaking confidentiality laws by revealing details of the Out Of Sight actor's condition and medical records after his admission to the hospital. Clooney and his new girlfriend Sarah Larson were knocked off his motorcycle by a car on 21 September (07). Both were immediately taken to Palisades Medical Center, where he was treated for a rib fracture and grazes, while Larson saw doctors for two broken toes. Union spokesperson Jean Oterson, who represents some of the hospital workers involved, tells U.S. TV channel CBS2, "It was inappropriate but they are paying a steep price. But I don't even think George Clooney would want people to pay. "Again, the apology to him for his privacy rights (is necessary), but I think in fact the hospital is overreacting."