George Clooney thinks method acting causes problems on set.

The 'Up in the Air' actor insists he tries not to fully immerse himself in a role because he would hate to affect the Bond between cast and crew and make people feel uncomfortable.

He explained: "I wouldn't call myself a method actor - and there are some really talented ones among them. I don't carry a role around with me. That could cause problems for other people on the team, for the whole Atmosphere at work.

"For Example when you have to isolate yourself for a role, avoid everyone else. When you're shooting a film the team is your family, everyone has to feel comfortable to do a good job. That's really important, not just from my point of view as a producer."

George also explained how the cast and crew on medical drama 'E.R' bonded over practical jokes, which gave them light relief after filming harrowing scenes.

He added: "We always had to act out gruesome, despairing blows of fate. Someone would lie dying in front of us on the operating table when all of a sudden someone shouts 'Cut!' and someone else sits down on a fart cushion. Furious laughter. Everyone's in high spirits again, even the corpse. Basically I was always happy to shake off that role at night and spend time with the crew."