George Clooney is ''scared to death'' he will ''break'' his children.

The 56-year-old actor has admitted he is terrified when he holds his four-month-old twins Ella and Alexander - who he has with his wife Amal Clooney - as he fears he will harm his kids because they are ''so little'' and fragile.

Speaking on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Monday (23.10.17) about his concerns now he is a parent, he said: ''Listen, I'm scared to death, it's terrifying. You're afraid of breaking them. They're so little.''

And the 'Ocean's Eleven' hunk has hinted he is getting used to the nappy changing, because he has to do it so frequently.

He said: ''It's like cleaning up your dog's poop.''

The silver fox has revealed his children have recently been introduced to solid food, and he is amazed by how the pair digest their food.

He explained: ''We introduced the children to solid food on Friday. How that goes in as a carrot and how that comes out the way it comes out is shocking. I don't know what's going from here to here. What happens?''

The 'Suburbicon' director has revealed Ella and Alexander have very different personalities, as his daughter is ''very elegant and dainty'', whilst his son is heavier and is like a ''thug''.

Speaking previously, the movie icon said: ''They're born with personalities. Ella is very elegant and dainty she has these big beautiful eyes, she looks like Amal.''

''[Alexander] weighs three pounds more than his sister ... He's just a thug, he's a fat little boy, he laughs louder than everyone in the room, it's the funniest thing.''

However, George and his 39-year-old spouse have no plans to expand their family any time soon.

When asked if their family is already complete, George answered, ''Done!''