Clooney reveals comedian and TV host Jimmy Kimmel, who pokes fun at his pal Damon every night on his show, sent him fake stationery with the actor's name on it - and he made the most of it by pranking his Ocean's Eleven co-star and the comediennes, who had cracked jokes about the Gravity star's penchant for dating younger women.

Returning to Kimmel's show on Tuesday (19May15), Clooney said, "They said some other joke about Matt... so I sent Tina and Amy notes from Matt saying, 'Y'know, the George joke was OK, but my daughters saw the joke you did about me and they laughed at me and I thought it was really mean and it really hurt me'."

But Fey and Poehler were wise to the prank and they sent Clooney flowers and a note that read: "I'm really sorry, we didn't want to offend... but on the other hand we think this is from George Clooney, so we're grown f**king women, f**k you!"

Kimmel also gave Clooney fake Brad Pitt stationery and the actor admits, "I sent them to everybody", adding, "Don Cheadle has a movie coming out about Miles Davis... and he talked to me about doing it and so I sent Don a note from Brad, because Brad has a very successful production company... saying, 'Hey listen, we just got the rights to this Miles Davis, Charlie Parker thing and I've got Jamie Foxx to play Miles Davis; you should play Charlie Parker - let's do this!'

"It just kills Don... He'd been playing trumpet for years (to prepare to play Davis)... It was about three months and then Don wrote me going, 'Did you do something dirty?' I was like, 'I don't know what you're talking about!'"

Clooney also revealed he pulled a terrible prank on pal Pitt when he stuck a pot plant-shaped image on the rear bumper of his car with the words "F**k cops" written on it. He giggled, "There's no way you don't get pulled over with that bumper sticker!"