George Clooney felt 'nervous' about filming sex scenes for his new movie 'The American' according to his co-star VIOLANTE PLACIDO who told "He confessed... that he didn't do lots of sex scenes. I felt like this was in a way something new to him, he wasn't that experienced".
In 'The American', Clooney plays an assassin who takes time out from his high-pressure job to experience the quiet life of an Italian village. Placido - who plays the love interest - admits the pair had to figure out ways to shoot the bedroom scenes, she said, "We had to find a way to make it natural and let your body speak somehow. We were very open to one another to try and make it work. We just said 'Let's trust each other' and we did. I felt like we had to let ourselves go. It had to look real."
'The American' is director Anton Corbijn'S first movie since his acclaimed 2007 film 'Control', which documented the life of Ian Curtis and his band JOY DIVISION. The film is released in the US on Wednesday 1st September 2010, with a worldwide release to follow.