The Ocean's Eleven star and the human rights lawyer flew to Germany for the premiere of his new move Hail, Caesar! at the Berlin International Film Festival on Thursday (11Feb15).

He was inundated with questions about the ongoing European migrant crisis at a press conference, and he told reporters he was planning to meet Merkel on Friday.

A picture has been released showing the Clooneys sat on a sofa near Merkel, and George is in mid-conversation.

David Miliband, the President and chief executive of the International Rescue Committee aid organisation, was present at the meeting, and tells Sky News what they discussed.

He says, "He was in touch with me because he felt that to come to Berlin to launch his film but not to recognise that Germany in the midst of dealing with this extraordinary crisis emanating from Syria would be quite wrong... he asked whether or not he could meet Mrs. Merkel and we met this morning for about 40 minutes and talked about the strains and the challenges that exist but he also wanted to understand what Mrs. Merkel's perspective was on the responsibilities of other countries other than Germany to help deal with what he describes as a global crisis, not a Syrian crisis or German crisis.

"There are two things that are very important for George Clooney and organisations like mine, the first is to make clear that in the modern world problems like the Syrian war are not confined within the borders of Syria... it's hitting Europe in a big way... He's making clear in his interviews he thinks America needs to do much more, not just in terms of international aid but also in terms of welcoming refugees..."

Clooney is planning to join Miliband when he meets refugees on Friday.